Research Foci

Training faculty conduct computational research in several core areas:

Circuits & Synapses

Learning & Memory

Motor Systems

Sensory Systems

News and Events

There will be a CNTG sponsored dinner session for CNTG fellows (graduate and undergraduate) to meet with Medtronic Senior Engineer and BME advisory board member Dr. Walt Baxter. The session will be about career opportunities in industry and what a job in industry is like. Attendance of this dinner is by RSVP only. Please send RSVPs to

1/28/16 Please join us this Thursday at 5:45pm to discuss the attached recent paper, "A New Framework for Cortico-Striatal Plasticity: Behavioural Theory Meets In Vitro Data at the Reinforcement-Action Interface" by Gurney et al.  Jim Kwon will be leading the presentation in Room 109 of 1462 Clifton Rd.  Pizza and drinks will be served at 5:30pm.

1/14/16 Shaquia Idlett will present the attached paper from Warren Grill's lab on modeling spinal cord stimulation with Hodgkin Huxley neurons.

12/1/15 We'll have our last CNTG meeting of the semester tomorrow afternoon from 3:30-4:30pm.  Once again, you can attend in either Whitaker 4101 if you're at Georgia Tech or from Emory at HSRB E160.  This week James McGregor will be presenting a 2014 Neuron paper titled "Modeling the dynamic interaction of Hebbian and homeostatic plasticity".

11/17/15: Just a reminder, please join us today at 3:30 in either Whitaker 4101 or HSRB E160 to hear from Ben Bolte who will be presenting on "Simple Learned Weighted Sums of Inferior Temporal Neuronal Firing Rates Accurately Predict Human Core Object Recognition Performance".  Hope to see you all there!