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Research Foci

    Training faculty conduct
    computational research
    in several core areas:

    Circuits & Synapses

    Learning & Memory

    Motor Systems

    Sensory Systems

News and Events

  • Joint Sys-E/CNTG Method Clinics: Dr. Mukesh Dhamala from Georgia State University will discuss about the use of Granger Causality in neurophysiological research on Nov 7th at 3pm in Rollins Research Center Room 1052.
  • Innovation Forum: Mr. Brian Beck from Medtronic and Dr. Klaus Mewes will discuss about "Deep-brain stimulation programming" on Nov 5th from 9:30-11:30am. The location is Suite B2200, neurosurgery conference room, Emory Clinic B.
  • ENTICe Faculty Candidate Seminar: Dr. Simon Overduin from UC Berkley will present "microstimulation, movement primitives, and brain-machine interfaces" at SOM room 153A on Nov 3rd from 12-1pm.
  • ENTICe Seminar: Dr. Kenneth Kishida from Virginia Tech Carilion Research Center will present "sub-second dopamine fluctuations in human striatum encode superposed error signals for actual and counterfactual rewards" at SOM room 130 on Oct 15th from 9-10am.
  • System Electrophysiology Seminar: the topic is "real-time electrophysiology methods", and it will be held at Rollins 1052 on Oct 10th at 3pm. 
  • Congratulations! CNTG Fellow Rebecca Butterfield just defended her undergraduate thesis "Investigating Electrical Activity Accompanying Functional Recovery of the Pyloric Circuit Following Isolation from Neuromodulatory Inputs" on April 9th and was awarded the highest honor.
  • Congratulations! Second year CNTG Fellow Michael McKinnon was awarded the NSF GRFP Fellowship in April 2014. He will study maladaptive plasticity within the thoracic paravertebral sympathetic ganglia following spinal cord injury with Dr. Shawn Hochman.
Students on Emory campus
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