Hang Lu

School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Phone: 404-894-8473

Email: hang.lu@gatech.edu

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Dr. Lu's lab does extensive work with microfluidics and the model organism C Elegans, and has several projects aligned with the study of neurons, circuits, and behavior within C. elegans. Currently, studies of genomic effects on the nervous system, even in the simple case of C elegans, is hampered by the sheer amount of manual work required, such that even relatively modest single-mutation assays in C Elegans take an exhaustive amount of laboratory work to perform. Such problems plague the field regardless whether the methodology used is light microscopy, calcium imaging, behavioral chamber assays, RNAi screens, or optogenetics (all of which is performed by at least some branch of the lab). The Lu Lab seeks to automate the performance of such work by using automated techniques, microfluidics, and computer vision.