Below is a list of links to the unique facilities at Emory and Georgia Tech, which enable synergistic research opportunities in experimental and computational neuroscience. 

The Biomarkers Core Facility in the Yerkes National Primate Research Center provides valid assay data to investigators to advance human health and animal welfare.


The Biomedical Imaging Technology Center is a core facility of the School of Medicine at Emory University and a research center of the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering. Its mission is to conduct cutting-edge research in biomedical imaging, to provide support for researchers in and around the Emory community, and to provide training and dissemination of knowledge related to our expertise.


The Emory High Performance Compute Cluster (EHPCC) maintains the ELLIPSE cluster, a 768 CPU-core high performance supercomputing cluster.


The Imaging Facility in the Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases provides technical, consultative, and equipment support for light, fluorescence and confocal microscopic studies needed to support the research activities of NINDS-funded investigators.


The Laboratory for Neuroengineering (NeuroLab) at Georgia Tech is a unique shared-space research environment in which the interdisciplinary research teams of nine professors work together to combine wet-lab biomaterials, neurobiology, electronics, neuroimaging, modeling, and multi-dimensional data analysis.


The Rodent Behavioral Core Facility in the Emory University School of Medicine Department of Human Genetics provides planning, execution, and analysis of behavioral experiments examining activity, arousal, coordinated movement, learning and memory, anxiety, depression, seizure susceptibility, reward/reinforcement, and aggression in mice and rats.


The Transgenic Mouse and Gene Targeting Core Facility in the Emory University School of Medicine provides both state of the art equipment and expertise for the generation and characterization of genetically altered mouse models.