Graduate Training

The Training Program for graduate students is intended to provide them with the fundamental skills and experiences necessary to be a researcher in computation neuroscience. This is highlighted by the provision of stipends allowing students to undertake three research rotations in their first year with program faculty. Students will also attend biweekly journal clubs and methods clinics, and will be provided funds for travel to conferences. Students are expected to complete a set of core courses in their first and second year, including both IBS 534 (Introduction to Computational Neuroscience) at Emory, and BMED 7610 (Quantitative Neuroscience) at Georgia Tech. Additional elective courses will also be selected to strengthen either biological or computational background knowledge.

This set of guidelines is intended to:

a) Allow students to place into a lab and do rotations without worrying about funding

b) Provide students with the fundamental knowledge necessary to operate in the field

c) Familiarize students with existing work in the field

d) Give students experience with a variety of experimental methods

Further details about the curriculum and research requirements are available in theĀ Student Handbook. The handbook includes a copy of theĀ Rotation Report Form, to be turned in upon completion of each research rotation.