Training Philosophy

Computational Neuroscience textbooks

One of the hallmarks of academic life in the neurosciences in Atlanta is the collaborative spirit and friendly interactions among the faculty at both Emory and Georgia Tech. Several of the Emory-GT Biomedical Engineering faculty with appointments at Emory are also members of the Emory Neuroscience graduate program, and vice versa, many of the Emory faculty listed as training faculty are also members of the joint Emory-GT Biomedical Engineering graduate program. Furthermore, a majority of the training faculty also have a strong commitment to undergraduate education through their involvement in either the Emory Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology or Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering majors. This Training Program now brings these faculty together in a joint effort to utilize the resources and strengths of both campuses to train the next generation of Computational Neuroscientists. We have aimed to create a unique, and well-integrated program that goes from the biology to computational models and back. Indeed, the Training Program components are designed to foster an environment that is synergistic between computational and experimental work, thereby maximizing the potential impact of engineering and computational approaches on the field of Neuroscience. Because we recruit both students with a biological background to computational approaches and students with a quantitative background to biological approaches, there are a series of elective courses that facilitate this transition for both pools of students. Building a community of scholars is also a core goal of the program, and several activities will reach out not only to our core student populations but all students interested in neuroscience.