Joint Training

Journal Club

Graduate and undergraduate trainees participate together in a variety of activities, including  a Journal Club, Methods Clinic, Ethics Training and annual Spring Retreat. They also cooperate together to run various aspects of the program, and occasionally hold social events.

Journal Club. Scholarship is an extremely important aspect of success in research, as each project needs to be tied in with previous work in the field, and also benefits from cross-references in related areas. Knowing the literature well and developing critical reading skills are also essential for good grant writing. These skills are significantly enhanced in Journal Clubs, where recent papers are critically discussed in a voluntary format. This Journal Club is a component of both core classes in the graduate Computational Neuroscience curriculum, and will be held at Georgia Tech in fall semesters, and Emory in spring semesters.

Methods Clinic. Students transitioning out of their previous area of comfort, such as biological students venturing into computational studies, may need additional help in learning new skills and employing them in their own research. This need is addressed in a methods clinic, which is a joint session in a computer classroom between faculty, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates engaged in Computational Neuroscience to help explain material and troubleshoot procedures that anyone may have run into.

Training in Ethics. Ethics training is an important component of graduate as well as undergraduate training, and all trainees will participate in detailed ethics courses on their respective campuses.

Annual Program Retreat. To promote program cohesion, personal connectivity and research presentations, an annual program retreat will take place in late spring. The schedule at this retreat is balanced to allow time for both professional presentations and discussion, and for social time such as playing Volleyball.