Undergraduate Training

The Computational Neuroscience Training Program provides upperclass undergraduates with the opportunity to be immersed in the field of computational neuroscience research over a two year period. The research component is fully compatible with the Honors Program. The Training Program features a generous stipend covering two years of laboratory research, including two summers. Undergraduate trainees will rotate through two labs focusing on different areas of computational neuroscience. Emory undergraduates are expected to take NBB301 (Introduction to Neuroscience) and the NBB301L Computer Lab based on Moore and Stuart's Neurons in Action. Georgia Tech undergraduates are expected to take BMED 4752 (Introductory Neuroscience) and BMED 4400 (NeuroEngineering Fundamentals). All undergraduate trainees are expected to take one of the two core graduate level courses, IBS 534/BIOL 450 (Introduction to Computational Neuroscience) at Emory, or BMED 7610 (Quantitative Neuroscience) at Georgia Tech, and an additional elective course to enhance their preparation for computation and data analysis. All undergrads will also participate in the biweekly Journal Club and Method Clinics to help to provide students with a more comprehensive view of the field. 

Further details about the curriculum and research requirements are available in the Student Handbook. The handbook includes a copy of the Rotation Report Form, to be turned in upon completion of each research rotation.